2012 has been a awfully uncommon year within the laptop market. For the primary time since 2001, laptop sales are projected to be below they were within the previous year.
So that devices are customers buying? Tablets, for one factor.

Tablet sales area unit expected to exceed one hundred million this year. Their sales numbers could prime notebooks next year. Smartphones, of course, are a hot goods — consistent with Nielsen, the bulk of U.S. mobile subscribers currently own smartphones, not feature phones.

Meanwhile, the shift to mobile is occurring at a unprecedented speed. Today, half-hour of Mashable’s traffic is mobile. By the tip of next year, this could exceed five hundredth.

For those people United Nations agency produce websites and services, all this results in a singular conclusion: 1,000,000 screens have bloomed, and that we have to be compelled to build for all of them.

Building apps could seem just like the obvious answer. there is no doubt that having mobile apps for the main platforms is healthier than having no apps in the slightest degree, and nonetheless however does one build for each app store? Last month, for example, Mashable was accessed on quite two,500 totally different devices. we tend to may definitely build apps to succeed in an honest range of these platforms, however in all probability not all of them.

When it involves news sites like ours, there is even a lot of information suggesting that the mobile net is vital. consistent with the church bench centre, hour of pill users like reading news on the mobile net than via associate degree app. whereas i feel media corporations ought to definitely supply apps, it’s clear that having an excellent mobile web site ought to be the priority.

The answer, of course, is to form a website that works equally well on each device. Enter responsive Website  style.